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  • Vol. 12, no. 2, 2017
  • A. I. Enagi, M. Bawa, A. M. Sani, Y. A. Badegi, Stability Analysis of a Deterministic Compartmental Model of Tuberculosis with Effect of HIV/AIDS on the Progression from Latent Class to Infectious Class.
    A. I. Enagi, M. O. Ibrahim, N. I. Akinwande, M. Bawa, A. A. Wachin, A Mathematical Model of Tuberculosis Control Incorporating Vaccination, Latency and Infectious Treatments (Case Study of Nigeria).
    R. Farhadian, N. Asadian, On the Helmert Matrix and Application in Stochastic Processes.
    L. Heller, A. Sack, Unexpected Failure of a Greedy Choice Algorithm Proposed by Hoffman.
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