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  • Vol. 15, no. 2, 2020
  • Abdulghani Ragaa Alharbi, Numerical investigation for the GRLW equation using Parabolic Monge Ampere Equation.
    B. O. Oyelami, S. A. Bishop, Impulsive Jump-Diffusion Models For Pricing Securities.
    Roberto Amato, A note on Pythagorean Triples.
    Aqeel Ketab Al-Khafaji, On initial Coefficients Estimates for Certain New Subclasses of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by a Linear Combination.
    Auni Aslah Mat Daud, Some issues on the mathematical modeling of population dynamics using differential equations.
    Shaymaa Amer Abdul-Kareem, Minimal Quasi Injective S-Acts.
    Julian Benali, Harris Cobb, Peter Johnson, An Enumeration Problem Arising From a Result About Arithmetic Progressions.
    N. Priyobarta, Y. Rohen, M. B. Devi, Partial A_{b}-metric space and some fixed point theorems.
    A. Z. Ansari, F. Shujat, G. Alhendi, Ideals, Centralizers and Symmetric Bi-derivations on prime rings.
    Fuad A. Abushaheen, Hani Kawariq, Fadi Alrimawi, On p-monotone T_2-spaces.
    Utsanee Leerawat, Siriporn Lapuangkham, Generalized Centralizing and Skew-Centralizing Mappings on Rings.
    Hayder Shelash, Muayad G. Mohsin, Mohsin Shalan Abdulhussein, Computing the number of subgroups and normal, cyclic, maximal, minimal and Sylow subgroups of the direct product Group.
    T. Manikantan, S. Ramkumar, Pseudo Symmetric Ideals and Pseudo Symmetric Near-rings.
    Koichi Arimoto, On LLL lattice basis reduction over imaginary quadratic fields by introducing reduction parameters.
    Uzoamaka A. Ezeafulukwe, Maslina Darus, Olubunmi A. Fadipe-Joseph, The q-analogue of Sigmoid Function in the space of univalent lambda-Pseudo star-like Functions.
    David Coronado, Domingo Quiroz, The zero sum Ramsey numbers of the join of two graphs.
    Napassanan Srisarakham, Montri Thongmoon, A new iterative method based on Newton-Cotes formula for system of nonlinear equations.
    Abdullah Yigit, Cemil Tunc, On the stability and admissibility of a singular differential system with constant delay.
    V. Jude Annie Cynthia, A. Kavitha, On 2 and 3-Rainbow Domination Number of Circulant Graph G(n;+-{1,2,3}).
    Chitlada Somsup, Utsanee Leerawat, Congruences and homomorphisms on n-ary semigroups.
    Vrishab Krishna, Generalizing Abundancy Index to Gaussian Integers.
    A. R. Memon, I. A. Memon, M. A. Panhwar, T. Rafique, A. H. Soomro, Importance of Clinical Applications to Design and Manufacture a Surgical Template through Computer-Aided Design.
    Ahlam Fallatah, On rings and symmetric generalized biderivations.
    N. A. Carella, Addendum and Corrigendum Densities of Primes and Primitive Roots.
    Genki Shibukawa, An elliptic analogue of Fukuhara's trigonometric identities.