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  • Vol. 15, no. 4, 2020
  • Chawalit Boonpok, Chokchai Viriyapong, mu I^*-closed sets in ideal strong generalized topological spaces.
    Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan, Complete and horizontal lifts of Metallic structures.
    Marwa J. M. Zedan, Fawziya Mahmood Ramo, Predicting Alzheimer's Disease using Grey Wolf Intelligent Algorithm.
    I. A. Alshabeeb, N. G. Ali,S. A. Naser, W. M. Shakir, A Clustering Algorithm Application in Parkinson Disease based on k-means Method.
    Fairouz Sherali, Sarhan Falah, An Efficient Two Factor User Authentication and Key Exchange Protocol for Telecare Medical Information System.
    Haitham Qawaqneh, New contraction embedded with simulation function and cyclic (alpha,beta)-admissible in metric-like spaces.
    S. Kawsumarng, T. Khemaratchatakumthorn, P. Noppakaew, P. Pongsriiam, Distribution of Wythoff Sequences Modulo One.
    SV. Shalini, Indra Rajasingh, Domination and Inverse Domination in Wrapped Butterfly Networks.
    Joice Punitha M., A. Josephine Lissie, Even Strongly Multiplicative Labeling in Certain Splitting Graphs.
    Anwar Khaleel Faraj, Areej M. Abduldaim, Some Results Concerning Multiplicative (Generalized)-Derivations and Multiplicative Left Centralizers.
    T. Augustine, S. Roy, e-Lucky Labeling of Certain Graphs.
    Kateryna Nesvit, Maryna Nesvit, Mathematical Education with efficient Virtual Teacher.
    E. Vidhya, R. Rathipriya, Key Generation for DNA Cryptography Using Genetic Operators and Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm.
    K. Agilan, V. Parthiban, Existence of Solutions of Fuzzy Fractional panto-graph Equations.
    Boonyong Sriponpaew, Lee Sassanapitax, On k-Step Fibonacci Functions and k-Step Fibonacci Numbers.
    K. U. Sreeja, P. B. Vinodkumar, P. B. Ramkumar, A graph polynomial for independent sets of Fibonacci trees.
    V. Cynthia, S. Therese, Packing of Certain Nanotubes and Nanosheet.
    K. E. Hilda, J. J. Jesintha, Disjoint Union of Two SSG(2) is Odd Graceful.
    S. Deepa, A. Gnanam, Extraction of Cantor One-Third Set from Stern-Brocot Sequence.
    V. Annamma, Jawahar Nisha M. I., Geometric Mean Cordial Labeling of certain Graphs.
    M. Ibrahim, A. Senguttuvan, D. Mohankumar, R. G. Raman, On Classes of Janowski Functions of Complex Order Involving a q-Derivative Operator.
    R. K. Kumari, R. Arulprakasam, V. R. Dare, Language of Lyndon Partial Words.
    V. Sankar, P. B. Ramkumar, D. Daison, G. Thampi, R. Panicker, Fuzzy Logic Based Optimization Method for Mechanical Systems and its Application.
    S. M. Arul, R. M. Umamageswari, On the Achromatic Number of Certain Distance Graphs.
    G. Dheepa, P. L. Chithra, A Fully-Automated Detection of Brain Tumor in MRI Images using Input Cascaded CNN.
    A. V. Ramakrishna, T. V. N. Prasanna, D. V. Lakshmi, Turning Near rings into New Near rings.
    V. Annamma, N. Hameeda Begum, Prime Labeling of some Star Related Mirror Graphs.
    A. S. Shanthi, F. Azher, Natural Difference Labeling on Certain Graphs.
    El Mostafa Rajaallah, Classification of phases based on a Principal Component Analysis for Intrusion Detection Methods.
    S. Dhanalakshmi, Mean Square Cordial Labeling of a Shell-butterfly Graph.
    S. S. Devi, K. Ganesan, Higher Order Fuzzy Initial Value Problem Through Taylor's Method.
    Carlos Ogouyandjou, Nestor Wadagni, Wasserstein Riemannian geometry of Gamma densities.
    Rami AlAhmad, Sum of powers of the natural numbers via Stirling numbers of the second kind.
    R. Vincent, P. Bhatia, M. Rajesh, A. K. Sivaraman, M. S. S. A. Bahri, Indian Currency Recognition and Verification using Transfer Learning.
    D. Sophia Navis Mary, S. Gopinathan, Performance of Merkle Signature Scheme in Data Integrity Verification at Client.
    Mohammed Yahya Alghamdi, An Investigative Analysis of Students' Use of Web 2.0 Applications at Albaha University.
    T. H. Jasim, S. I. Abdullah, K. S. Eke, Contra Continuity on Double Fuzzy Topological Space.
    N. Mohana, K. Desikan, Parallelisable String-Based SP-Local Languages and their properties.
    M. Sowjanya, A. GangadharaRao, T. Radharani, V. Padmaja, Results on r-regular near-rings.
    V. Manoranjithem, M. Venkatesulu, KNN Classification in Chronic Kidney Disease Dataset.
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