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  • Vol. 16, no. 2, 2021
  • O. A. Fadipe-Joseph, M. O. Oluwayemi, Sufficient conditions for class C_{alpha}.
    Hatice Yalman Kosunalp, Mustafa Gulsu, Operational Matrix by Hermite Polynomials for Solving Nonlinear Riccati Differential Equations.
    Fuad A. Abushaheen, On Different Types of Monotonically mu_omega-Spaces in Generalized Topological Spaces.
    Napassanan Srisarakham, A family of modified Chebyshev-Halley iterative methods with two parameters for nonlinear equations.
    Pitipong Aroonruviwat, Utsanee Leerawat, On outer (sigma,tau)-n-derivations and commutativity in prime near-rings.
    Muna Jaffer Al-Shamdeen, Ansam Nazar Younis, Hiba Adreese Younis, Metaheuristic algorithm for Capital Letters Images Recognition.
    Areerak Chaiworn, Positive Weighted Composition Operators on the Fock space.
    Daya K. Nagar, Edwin Zarrazola, Percentage points for testing homogeneity of covariance matrices of several bivariate Gaussian populations.
    Carl E. Langenhop, Richard C. Detmer, On p series.
    Amal Aloui, Mustapha Rachidi, On a numerical approach for the powers of the doubly Leslie and doubly companion matrices with applications.
    A. Alrawajfeh, B. Al-Hasanat, H. Alhasanat, F. AlFaqih, On the edge irregularity strength of bipartite graph and corona product of two graphs.
    A. Ali, M. Magarini, N. Pirzada, M. A. Panhwar, A. Ahmed, Direction of Arrival and Least Square Error Technique used in Massive MIMO for Channel Estimation.
    Warud Nakkhasen, Neutrosophic N-ideals in Ternary Semigroups.
    Madhumala RB, H. Tiwari, C. Devarajaverma, A Reliable Frame Work for Virtual Machine Selection in Cloud Datacenter Using Particle Swarm Optimization.
    Hanadi Zahed, Existence investigation of a fourth order semi-linear weighted problem.
    Shatha A. Salman, On the number of lattice points in n-dimensional space with an application.
    Mohammed S. Zabiba, Sarhan Falah, Numerical Solution of Backward Fuzzy SDEs with Time Delayed Coefficients.
    Derrick DeMars, Peter Johnson, A Mixed Ramsey Problem Revisited.
    G. Muhiuddin, D. Al-Kadi, Hybrid Quasi-associative ideals in BCI-algebras.
    Utsanee Leerawat, Sitanan Khun-in, On Trace of Symmetric Bi-derivations on Rings.
    Melek Gozen, Cemil Tunc, A new result on the exponential stability of solutions of non-linear neutral type periodic systems with variable delay.
    Rami AlAhmad, Grunwald-Leitnikov fractional derivative for a product of two functions.
    Maryam Alami Chentoufi, Rachid Ellaia, A novel multiobjective Passing Vehicle Search algorithm for signal timing optimization.
    Shahbaz Ali, Muhammad Khalid Mahmood, A Paradigmatic Approach to Investigate Restricted Totient Graphs and their Indices.
    W. Krailoet, A. Simuen, R. Chinram, P. Petchkaew, A Note on Fuzzy Almost Interior Ideals in Semigroups.
    Wasim Audeh, Norm inequalities and applications.
    R. M. Patne, G. R. Avachar, Drawing of a graph on a surface.
    A. Riyas, P. U. Anusha, K. Geetha, On Cayley Graphs of Rees Matrix Semigroups Relative to Green's Equivalence L-Class.
    M. A. Bakar, A. Juliansyah, R. Thalib, D. A. Pratama, High Performances of Stabilized Lanczos-Types for Solving High Dimension Problems: A Survey.