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  • Vol. 14, no. 2, 2019
  • Paulo M. Guzman, Luciano M. Lugo Motta Bittencurt, Juan E. Napoles Valdes, A Note on Stability of Certain Lienard Fractional Equation.
    Faisal Al-kasasbeh, Subclasses of P-valent Functions within Integral Operators.
    Olayinka Taibat Jinadu, Saliu Adewole Omotosho, Multi-objective function formulation to evaluate operating parameters’ fitness for sharing and scalability.
    Sana'a Nazmi Khataybeh, Ishak Hashim, Direct Solution of Second-Order System of ODEs Using Bernstein Polynomials on an Arbitrary Interval.
    Nazia Jabeen, Junaid Alam Khan, Analogs of Groebner Bases in a Polynomial Ring with Countably Infinite Indeterminates.
    Moin Akhtar Ansari, Roughness in Generalized (m, n) Bi-ideals in Ordered LA-Semigroups.
    Erkan Cimen, A first order convergent numerical method for solving the delay differential problem.
    Akarachai Satirad, Phakawat Mosrijai, Aiyared Iampan, Formulas for finding UP-algebras.
    Mohamed Saouabi, Abdellah Ezzati, Proposition of an employability prediction system using data mining techniques in a big data environment.
    Said Ali Shah, Amjad Ali, Sajjad Ahmad Khan, The Effects of Misspecification of Level-I errors Structure in Multilevel Models for Longitudinal Design.
    Jean Jacques Ferdinand Randriamiarampanahy, Harinaivo Andriatahiny, Toussaint Joseph Rabeherimanana, A decoding algorithm for binary linear codes using Groebner bases.
    G. Muhiuddin, K. P. Shum, New types of (alpha,beta)-fuzzy subalgebras of BCK/BCI-algebras.
    Abdulahi Yusuf, Maslina Darus, On Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions defined by a Generalised Operator.
    Tammatada Khemaratchatakumthorn, Prapanpong Pongsriiam, Suchat Samphavat, Further Remarks on b-Metrics, Metric-Preserving Functions, and other Related Metrics.
    Kacou Remy Ahoulou, Relative Compactness of All Feasible Trajectories of a Second Order Control Problem.
    Khaled Mustafa Aljamal, Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani, Khaled A. Al-Sharo, Finite groups in which nearly S-permutability is a transitive relation.
    Armend Salihu, Fahri Marevci, Determinants Order Decrease/Increase for k Orders, Interpretation with Computer Algorithms and Comparison.
    Cemil Tunc, On the properties of solutions for a system of non-linear differential equations of second order.