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  • Vol. 11, no. 2, 2016
  • Andreas Boukas, Anargyros Fellouris, On Octonion polynomial equations.
    Adam LaClair, A Mixed-Ramsey Result.
    Lieven Le Bruyn, Extending irreducible braid representations to the 3-component loop braid group.
    Nelson A. Carella, Densities of Primes and Primitive Roots.
    Henrik Stenlund, Methods for the Summation of Infinite Series.
    Benoit Cloitre, Good variation theory: a Tauberian approach to the Riemann Hypothesis.
    Cyrille Dadi, Adolphe Codjia, Riemannian foliation with dense leaves on a compact manifold.
    Peter Johnson, John Weeks, On the Secure-Domination Number of the Full Balanced Binary Tree.
    K. Rauf, N. Nyor, R. U. Kanu, J. O. Omolehin, An Airline Crew Scheduling for Optimality.
    K. Rauf, S. M. Alata, O. T. Wahab, Common Fixed Point For Generalized Five Self Maps In Cone Metric Spaces.
    Rong Qiang Wei, A recursive relation and some statistical properties for Mobius function.
    S. I. El-Zanati, M. Kopp, M. J. Plantholt, S. Rice, On decomposing regular graphs into star forests.
    Badih Ghusayni, Half a dozen famous unsolved problems in mathematics with a dozen suggestions on how to try to solve them.
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