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  • Vol. 17, no. 2, 2022
  • Sudarat Nidsunkid, Boonorm Chomtee, The Average Run Length Performance of Shewhart Control Chart when the Process Data are Sampled from Finite Population.
    WonTae Hwang, Kyunghwan Song, On the integer part of the reciprocal of the Riemann zeta function tail at s=6.
    Cemil Tunc, An application of Lyapunov functions to properties of solutions of a perturbed fractional differential system.
    Apisit Pakapongpun, Jutarat Kongson, Three combined sequences related to k-Fibonacci sequences.
    Areerak Chaiworn, On Some Absolute Matrix Trace Inequalities.
    Natthinee Deetae, Pannawit Khamrot, Application of Fuzzy TOPSIS for Multiple criteria decision-making based on interval bipolar fuzzy sets.
    Alvaro H. Salas, Jairo H. Castillo, Lorenzo J. Martinez, The Duffing Equation-A Trigonometric Point Of View.
    M. Chiangpradit, P. Busababodhin, N. Chutiman, P. Guayjarernpanishk, B. Kong-ied, Probability Analysis for Maximum Temperature in Northeast of Thailand.
    Kanint Teerapabolarn, The Exact Formula for the Supremum of Poisson-Poisson Binomial Relative Error.
    Asim Patra, Gopal Krishna Panda, Kritkhajohn Onphaeng, Phakhinkon Phunphayap, Tammatada Khemaratchatakumthorn, Subsequences and Exact Divisibility by the Powers of the Balancing Numbers.
    Waseem Al-Mashaleh, Haitham Qawaqneh, Hassan Al-Zoubi, Some results on traces of the generalized products and sums of positive semidefinite matrices.
    Vicente Jara-Vera, Carmen Sanchez-Avila, A simple proof of a relationship among the Zeta, Polygamma, and Clausen functions for the case pi/2.
    Mena Lao, Sudarat Nidsunkid, John J. Borkowski, A Regression Estimator in Path Sampling.
    Nicholas Gaubatz, Peter Johnson, Friends in Z_n.
    Napassanan Srisarakham, Geometric construction of third order iterative method for solving nonlinear equations.
    Areej Almuhaimeed, Applications on Fuzzy Translation and Fuzzy Multiplication of KU-algebras.
    Alvaro H. Salas, Jairo H. Castillo, Lorenzo J. Martinez, Analytical Solution to the Lagrange Top.
    Bader S. Almohaimeed, Moment conditions for the periodic integer-valued autoregressive model.
    Ashwaq Almohaimeed, Ali Allahem, A study of a Hamiltonian system with potential surface energy posses one channel and two potential wells.
    Apisit Pakapongpun, Bunthita Chattae, On the Diophantine Equation a^x+(a+2)^y = z^2, where a \equiv 3 \pmod{20}.
    Tammatada Khemaratchatakumthorn, Duangpon Siriwan, Pasting Lemmas for b-Metric Preserving and Related Functions II.
    Nuchanat Tiprachot, Nareupanat Lekkoksung, Bundit Pibaljommee, Regularities of ordered semigroups in terms of (m,n)-ideals and n-interior ideals.
    Thanatporn Bantaojai, Cholatis Suanoom, Jirayu Phuto, Aiyared Iampan, On Bd-algebras.
    Pannawat Eakawinrujee, Nantapath Trakultraipruk, gamma-Paired Dominating Graphs of Paths.
    Areej M. Abduldaim, Anwar Khaleel Faraj, Combining Algebraic GSVD and Gravitational Search Algorithm for Optimizing Secret Image Watermark Sharing Technique.
    Uraiwan Jittburus, Pongpun Julatha, inf-hesitant fuzzy interiorideals of semigroups.
    Ramadan Mahmood Ramo, Suhair Abd Dawwod, Digital image compression by using intelligence swarm algorithms.
    Alvaro H. Salas, Solution to a Forced and Damped Gardner equation by means of Cubic B-splines.
    Panuwat Luangchaisri, Thawhat Changphas, Jatuporn Sanborisoot, Semigroups in which the radical of every (m,n)-ideal is a subsemigroup.
    Ghazwa F. Abd, Radhi A. Zaboon, Parametrization Approach for Solving Index-4 Linear Differential-Algebraic Control Systems.
    Domingo Quiroz, David Coronado, Zero-sum Ramsey number for non-cyclic group.
    Boonyong Sriponpaew, Apichat Neamvonk, On The Norms of Circulant Matrics with the Gaussian Pell Numbers.
    Darien DeWolf, Balakrishnan Viswanathan, Extending Fibonacci's Method for Computing Pythagorean Triples.
    Patchara Muangkarn, Cholatis Suanoom, Anuphap Yodkheeree, Aiyared Iampan, Derivations induced by an endomorphism of BG-algebras.
    Sri Winarni, Sapto Wahyu Indratno, Kurnia Novita Sari, Gaussian process regression using partition resampling model.
    Eman Rawshdeh, Heba Adel Abdelkarim, Edris Rawashdeh, On the Eigensharp of Corona Product.
    Jirapron Noiyai, Chokchai Viriyapong, Chawalit Boonpok, w(k,l)-semi-open sets in bi-weak structure spaces.
    Aveya Charoenpol, Udom Chotwattakawanit, The Relationship of Modular Lattice with Maximum Pre-period Property and Minimum Pre-period Property.
    Timothy Eller, Jakub Kraus, Yuki Takahashi, Zhichun (Joy) Zhang, Frobenius templates in certain 2x2 matrix rings.
    Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan, Complete lifts of a semi-symmetric metric P-connection on a Riemannian manifold to its tangent bundle.
    Khaled Samiea Munshid, Mohanad Farhan Hamid, Jehad Ramadan Kider, Principally Pure Submodules.
    Galina Bogdanova, Todor Todorov, On the construction of of q-ary constant-weight lexicodes.
    M. O. Oluwayemi, K. Vijaya, On a study of a class of functions associated with a multiplier transformation.
    Musab Hijazi, Akram Zeki, Amelia Ismail, Arabic Text Classification based on Semantic Relations.