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  • Vol. 18, no. 4, 2023
  • Hiba Shakir Salman, Hassan Rashed Yassein, TRUFT: A New Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Novel FTH Algebra.
    Supawadee Prugsapitak, The Egyptian fraction of the form 1/a+1/b = (q-1)/pq.
    Ruma Kareem K. Ajeena, Integer matrix size 2x2 sub-decomposition method for elliptic curve cryptography.
    Josephine B. Nalzaro, Rosalio G. Artes Jr., Generalized Continuous Functions in Bigeneralized Topological Spaces.
    EL Hadji Sow, Algebraic Points of Degree at most 4 on the Affine Curve y^2+y = x^5.
    Daya K. Nagar, Alejandro Roldan-Correa, Sergio A. Gomez-Noguera, Integrals Associated with Complex Multivariate Beta Function.
    Juan Carlos Lopez Carreno, Rosalba Mendoza Suarez, Jairo Alonso Mendoza S., Connection between the Hermite and Gegenbauer polynomials using the Lewanowicz method.
    Areej Almuhaimeed, m-Polar Fuzzy BRK-ideals and BRK-algebras.
    Falah Hassan Sarhan, Hassan Khaleel Ismail, Approximation Solutions of Backward Fuzzy Stochastic Differential Equations.
    Amelia L. Arriesgado, Jeffrey Imer C. Salim, Rosalio G. Artes Jr., Clique Connected Common Neighborhood Polynomial of the Join of Graphs.
    Fozaiyah Ayed Alhubairah, Nor Muhainiah Mohd Ali, Ahmad Erfanian, Cyclic Intersection Graph of Subgroups of Dihedral Groups and its Properties.
    Anwar Khaleel Faraj, Lemya Abd Alameer Hadi, Areej M. Abduldaim, Shatha A. Salman, Symmetric Generalized Bi-Derivations with Prime Ideals.
    Israa Hadi Hasan, Iden Hassan Al-kanani, New Ranking Function Technique for Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems Utilizing Generalized Decagonal Membership Function.
    Zouhaier Harrath, Ahmed Bouajila, Adel Fridhi, Artificial Reality and Science Learning.
    Khalid Alshammari, Maslina Darus, Applications of Q-Ruscheweyh Symmetric Differential Operator in a Class of Starlike.
    Kanint Teerapaolarn, Poisson approximation for a sum of beta geometric random variables.
    Ivy Corazon A. Mangaya-ay, Probability Sampling-Key to Reliable Cross-sectional Survey Results: An Election Poll Case.
    Areerak Chaiworn, The Square Root of Nonsingular Matrices with Non-negative Eigenvalues.
    Suton Tadee, Nuanchuen Thaneepoon, On the Diophantine equation 6^x+p^y=z^2, where p is prime.
    Napassanan Srisarakham, Chawalit Boonpok, On characterizations of \delta p(\Lambda,s)-\mathscr{D}_1 spaces.
    Prapart Pue-on, Chawalit Boonpok, On \delta s(\Lambda,s)-open sets in topological spaces.
    Jeeranunt Khampakdee, Chawalit Boonpok, On \delta p(\Lambda,s)-symmetric spaces.
    Montri Thongmoon, Chawalit Boonpok, Sober \delta p(\Lambda,s)-R_0 spaces.
    Aldison M. Asdain, Jeffrey Imer C. Salim, Rosalio G. Artes Jr., Geodetic Bounds in Graphs.
    Lv Wan Gang, Zhou Xue Jun, Rahmat Hidayat, Brain Game Design For Elderly.
    Warunya Hongwiengjan, Poom Kumam, Dawud Thongtha, Option Pricing with Fuzzy-TGARCH Volatility Clustering.
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